The Intuitive Artist

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Have you every had someone criticize your artwork and it’s like an earworm. The thoughts keep surfacing and blocking your progress.

This can go on for days, weeks, months and even decades, from an uncaring comment at school or from those close to you, creating debilitating doubt. You can silence these thoughts and memories forever. Imagine the progress your art will make unhindered by the inner critic.

This beautifully crafted 120 page eBook is a moving experience on how to switch off your inner critic to overcome fear and allow creativity and joy to flow into your life. Freeing your imagination from the debilitating grip of the inner critic to face the canvas with confidence. The inner critic is our biggest foe for creativity. Have you ever said to yourself ‘My work is not good enough, I don’t have talent, there is not enough time? These self defeating thoughts block us and stifle our growth as a painter. In ‘The Intuitive Artist’ you will gain insight into where these limiting and bogus beliefs come from that hold us back and with this knowledge doubt can diminish and self-confidence will increase. Every one of us has a creative voice that matters.

‘I believe anyone seeking their creative voice is aiming for a life of creative freedom. Along the way we are marred by an inner voice that stands critical and blocks us. Once we learn to consciously switch that voice off we are free to live into our highest creative potential.’
Cathy van Ee

Accompanied with a gallery of more than 50 original artworks by Cathy van Ee and 25 videos visually stepping through her creative art processes with motivating voice over.

Reader Reviews

“The Intuitive Artist is probably the most inspirational, spiritual and motivating book of art appreciation I have ever had the pleasure of laying my eyes on . It resonates with me on every level. Cathy has put together a masterpiece of her works, with the ladder of self doubt towards inspiration following you through the pages. Thank you.”
Marg Megarry

“Thank you so much. I am so excited and thrilled with the content. The ability to “play” with the pages is fun, and reading your amazing text is very uplifting.” 
Kay Victoria, Australia 

“Loved your book Cathy – The images and videos are beautiful to watch and there are so many great tips which have really helped me to just let go and enjoy the creative process. Thank you.” 
Tina Whiteley

“I just wanted to say what a beautiful book you have created. It speaks to me about my deepest fears and inner struggles in a most inspiring way, and your paintings just bring everything together beautifully. Big thanks from me, this is indeed a very important book for me personally.” 
Ellen Zhang

“I have just opened this wonderful, inspiring package – The Intuitive Artist. Couldn’t resist zapping through the book and some of the videos to get a feel for it. Wow!! It is a fabulous collection with considered and insightful coaching on life as well as gorgeous artwork. I can see it becoming a major companion as I journey through the year and beyond.” 
Sue Downs

“Going through your book again it is difficult to put into words just how much knowledge and guidance your book offers. In a short sentence I would say “A beautifully presented book filled with words of wisdom”. 
Rosemary Reed

“I thoroughly enjoyed this insightful representation of the intersection of artistic practice and psychology. The author addresses the eventual silencing of one’s ever-present inner critic through techniques such as mindful awareness and identification of negative thought patterns. She believes that with a willingness to change one’s thinking, and embrace one’s artistic ideas, self-acceptance can ultimately be achieved. I especially related to the author’s encouraging words regarding moving past the fear of failure, practicing compassionate self-care and letting go of self-doubt, in order to create one’s best art. This e-book is an inspiring and thought-provoking read for all artists.” 
Christine Denny

“Your book is excellent.  Almost two books in one. The presentation is unique and so well done. I felt the text came from the depths of your being and  I loved the way you connected it with your collection of beautiful paintings which is like a second book.” Marlene Frances