Pastel Landscape Painting

Interpret your photos into extraordinary art with Cathy’s 12 steps essential to painting. Also available in the Library Bundle.

Pastel Landscape Painting No.1  $12 USD

Pastel Landscape Painting No.2  $14 USD

Pastel Landscape Painting No.3  $14 USD

painting with Cathy van Ee

‘Creativity has taught me to see the beauty in the world around me and paint intuitively. It’s my passion to mentor and share with people the important steps to get into the right mindset to excel and create successful paintings. My students have ranged from budding high school artists and designers putting their folios together for University, to retired people who have had a passion to paint all their lives and want to develop their artistic skills. Practising artists have also benefitted from my tutorials to brush up on their skills and increase the quality in their work. I share my accumulated knowledge of painting and teaching in the ‘The Intuitive Artist Library’ to help you reach your artistic goals’.  Cathy van Ee

Cathy shares with you her extensive oil and pastel teaching knowledge in her series of demonstration painting Flipbooks and Videos. There is a wealth of information you will gather as you learn from the step-by-step illustrated eBooks & Flipbooks that take the artworks from concept to finished painting. You will learn how to use intuitive expression as you interpret photo references in a new and imaginative way, as well as the ‘12 Steps’ which are fundamental in the construction of any painting. More eBooks will be added to the Library.

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