Cathy van Ee’s Library


This beautifully crafted 121 page Flipbook is a moving experience on how to overcome fear and create joy in our lives. Visually accompanied with more than 50 of Cathy van Ee’s original artworks and access to 25 short inspiring videos that complement the book.

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+ 12 months Access to Flipbook & 25 Videos

Access to 25 Videos with inspiring voice over & emerging imagery of the making of each of these paintings. All paintings below are featured in this book. All included when you purchase the Flipbook.



”If you feel creatively blocked, perhaps overcome by anxiety or that others are blocking your way forward, this is the book for you”.

When we switch on our creative thinking, turning our thoughts away from the inner critic and towards the inner self, we discover that is where our strength and enduring love resides. We find happiness easily when we enjoy life more and judge life less. We can choose to live with positive steady focus and with a strong inner core of self-belief that will assist and guide us in creating anything we want in our lives. The creative blocks that once were will cease to affect us, allowing for great art, happy relationships, and a positive, fulfilling outlook on life. It is all possible once we choose and start creating consciously.

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