Pastel Portrait Painting No.1

$14 USD

Layering pastel to create luminous glowing skin & how to apply wet pastel

Soft pastel lends itself so well to portraiture as there is a great depth of luminosity in the colour that can be achieved. The demonstration will lead you through the construction of the head and the steps to layering the pastel to create luminous skin. While in the video discover how versatile the pastel medium is as it excitingly turns from the drawing into a painted surface.

‘Starting a pastel portrait can seem daunting. The pastel is smudging around everywhere and the task of taking the drawing to a finished painting can sometimes be a mystery. My students often get to the 3/4 mark in their paintings and don’t know where to go next to finish the work. In this eBook and video I hold your hand through all the steps from beginning to end’.
Cathy van Ee

Student Review

‘… Cathy has been the most “Inspirational” teacher I have ever had. As a master of portraits she has developed my own skills in this area. To have a bit of her expertise rub off on me has given me the confidence in painting my own portraits.’
Elizabeth A.Smith

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