Pastel Landscape Painting No.2

$14 USD

Enhancing a landscape with dappled Light

Watch step-by-step as the painting changes from the photo reference

Nearly all of us have a photo, or know where to take a photo of a laneway. In this demonstration you will learn where to start in creating a lovely painting from those photographs which is enhanced by adding dappled light. There is also an added bonus of seeing how Cathy changes the painting from the photo to incorporate a door at the end of the laneway, adding mystery and story in the painting. You will gain confidence in how to make your own changes from your photographs to enhance the power in your painting.

Cathy shares with you her extensive pastel teaching knowledge in her growing series of demonstration painting Flipbooks and Videos. There is a wealth of information you will gather as you lean from the step-by-step illustrated Flipbooks that take the artworks from concept to finished painting. You will learn how to use intuitive expression as you interpret photo references in a new and imaginative way, as well as the ’12 Steps’ which are fundamental in the construction of every painting.

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