Pastel Landscape Painting No.1

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How to paint glowing light on coastal cliffs

Watch step-by-step as the painting changes from the photo reference

Painting the sea and cliffs is a favorite subject amongst many artists. In this demonstration you will learn the step-by-step layering to achieve the glowing afternoon light which is contrasted with deep shadows along the rock face. You will follow the layering of complementary colours that make the painting come alive. As well as how to paint the long distance view of the cliffs so as they appear far away.

Cathy shares with you her extensive pastel teaching knowledge in her growing series of demonstration painting Flipbooks and Videos. There is a wealth of information you will gather as you lean from the step-by-step illustrated Flipbooks that take the artworks from concept to finished painting. You will learn how to use intuitive expression as you interpret photo references in a new and imaginative way, as well as the ’12 Steps’ which are fundamental in the construction of every painting.

Student Reviews
‘Cathy van Ee is a highly professional teacher who is generous with her knowledge and time. Cathy teaches many secrets and tools for creating a professional painting including composition, importance of tone & colour, and mark making all needed to make an interesting painting which a beginner can achieve very quickly’.
Kate Carrillo
‘I felt I had plateaued in my art after ten years; your fresh approach to teaching had given me back my inspiration.
Joy Pyle

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