Oil Portrait Painting No.1

$16 USD

Mixing a portrait palette featuring complementary warm & cool greys

In this eBook demonstration you will learn step-by-step how to paint a portrait. The demonstration guides you through the importance of building up the tonal layers to create accurate form from the shadow areas right through to the highlight, to assist you in creating that vital  likeness you will be seeking in your portraits.  You will gain knowledge on how to lay out your palette using the colour wheel and what colours create subtle harmonic contemporary greys.

In this accompanying video you will learn how to mix your colours right the first time. Along with the vital knowledge that painters must know about neutralising colours straight from the tube to create subtle colour harmonies that adds the sophistication and quality to your work.

One of the most important things to learn as an oil painter is how to mix a colour palette. Without this knowledge you are constantly guessing and using up lots of paint while you scrape back failed attempts at trying to finding the right mix. The worst thing is you waste a lot of vital time which could be used learning to create portrait paintings. In this eBook and video you will short cut the time wasting and gain the vital knowledge needed to start building your own colour mixing practice successfully’.
Cathy van Ee

Student Review

Hi Cathy – just like to say I LOVED this book and video. I am at present starting a portrait of my 15yo grandson, Lucas, and this has been of great help to me. Many thanks, 
Chris Seligman

‘Cathy van Ee is a fabulous artist and a wonderful teacher. She teaches both oil and pastel painting and excels in both art forms. I have been learning oil painting from Cathy for a couple of years now and have been so impressed with her inclusiveness and the way she shares her knowledge so willingly. She is always so generous with her time and has an amazing eye for detail. It is this eye for detail that makes the difference between a good portrait and a great portrait or a good landscape and a great landscape. Cathy’s advice is always much appreciated and her expertise greatly valued. I couldn’t recommend Cathy more highly’
Gillian Adams

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