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Master Class Demonstration Series
Oil Portrait in contemporary realism
(Demonstration series coming soon)

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You will enjoy these informative and entertaining demonstrations from your own home studio. The portrait will be constructed in Grisaille, a painting technique by which an image is executed entirely in monochromatic shades using raw umber. Modelled to a high finish illusion of sculpture. This becomes the underpainting for an oil painting in preparation for glazing layers of colour over it.

This first layer of colour will be painted directly over the grisaille and is the block in.

Subsequent layers wet over dry will form the final detail. With comprehensive instruction on colour palette management.

Cathy generously imparts her knowledge, sharing 30 years of painting experience with warm and enlightening instruction. She teaches you how to create consciously, and pay attention to how you feel, to find your own artistic voice and identity with confidence. Delivered with her inspiring enthusiasm and encouragement.

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Landscape Classes - live on zoom

Dates for term 2 – sessions run fortnightly over 9 weeks
6 & 20 April, 4 & 18 May, 1 June
Tuesday 1.30 to 3.30 pm (Melbourne, Australian time)

Enjoy these well-constructed classes that provide academic and practical training to greatly increase your knowledge and skill in pastel landscape painting.

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Workshops in Portrait & landscape
- live in person

Grampian - Oil Portraits in Contemporary Realism

Date: Summer Brushes 4.5 day workshops from 17-21 January 2022

The Summer Brushes program is held on campus at Longerenong College.

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McClelland - Pastel Portraits in Contemporary Realism

Date: 30 May 2021 (1 day workshop)

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Demonstrations in Portrait & Landscape
- live in person

Camberwell Art Show - Pastel Landscape

Date: Sunday 18 July 2021
Time: 11am – 1pm (Melbourne, Australian time)
Cost: Included in the entry to the Camberwell Art Show
Venue: Swinburne University Advanced Technologies Centre, 427 Burwood Road, Hawthorn, VIC

You do not need to make a booking, just turn up for the demonstration.

A wonderful opportunity to see Cathy’s advanced skill at Pastel Landscape. She imparts a generous amount of technical and conceptual knowledge during this entertaining session.

International workshops
(currently on hold)

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