Born in Victoria Australia, Cathy now lives on the beautiful and majestic Mornington Peninsula. The Peninsula is a treasure trove of breathtaking coastal vistas that have made their way into many of Cathy’s paintings.

Cathy’s love of painting started at a young age where, as a child, she first went with her father to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. There she came to stand in front of the masterful works of Rembrandt, Vermeer, Jan Asselijn, Frans Hals, which left an indelible image in her mind’s eye forming a deep passion and lifelong desire devoted to the mastering of figurative representational painting.

Cathy painted from a young age right through her corporate career. Her gravitation towards illustrative-based businesses led her to work in places that created communication through imagery such as magazines & book illustration, book design, stamp design and gallery management.

She is qualified with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design from Swinburne University and conducted further education to formalize her knowledge in teaching, completing Certificate IV in Training and Assessment from Chisholm Institute.

Her corporate career evolved into her painting career as her high-quality portraits became sought after for commissions by Company Directors, CEOs, School Principals and prominent public figures. Along with teaching painting and mentoring, Cathy transitioned into a life that is fully immersed in painting.

Cathy’s love for travel has allowed her to revisit many of her favourite museums around Europe where she was able to study, appreciate and gain a wealth of knowledge viewing her favourite paintings especially in the genre of the Impressionists. Their glowing light through the brilliance of shimmering colour transitions, leaps from the canvases, radiating conscious and joyous emotions from the seductive interplay of the complementary colours.

This is where her appetite for colour and her academic understanding of art has emerged in her painting, along with the emotional importance that she infuses into her concepts, ideas, and teaching. As Cathy says to her students, the most important thing is to be in touch with your inner self and awareness. Create in the moment without judgement and creating becomes effortless.