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Discover ongoing inspiration that you can incorporate into your painting every day by awakening your creativity from the much-loved eBook + Art Videos ‘The Intuitive Artist”

The Intuitive Artist eBook + 25 Art Videos

‘The Intuitive Artist’ is an insightful look into how our inner critic effects our creativity.
Learn how to use your inner voice to gain confidence and inspiration to increase your potential and mastery in painting.
The eBook includes 25 short art videos with inspiring voice over and showing progressive steps in the making of each painting. Read reviews

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In Cathy’s painting classes you will benefit from the knowledge she generously imparts from 40 years of painting experience. She teaches you how to create consciously to find your own voice and identity in your work. You will gain confidence while being guided with technical knowledge to continuously improve to reach your highest potential. The advantage from her on line courses allows you to receive Cathy’s guidance to become a professional artist in your own home studio. Delivered with her inspiring enthusiasm and encouragement. Read reviews