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Cathy van Ee
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Learn how to switch off your Inner Critic to focus positively on your painting. Find out more.

Reader Reviews

‘The Intuitive Artist is probably the most inspirational, spiritual and motivating book of art appreciation I have ever had the pleasure of laying my eyes on…’
Marg Megarry

‘There are so many great tips which have really helped me just to let go and enjoy the creative process…’ 
Tina Whiteley
‘Going through your book again it is difficult to put into words just how much knowledge and guidance your book offers…’
Rosemary Reed

‘Your book is excellent. The presentation is unique and so well done…’
Marlene Frances

Learn how to paint stunning pastel portraits. Find out more.

Student Review

‘… Cathy has been the most “Inspirational” teacher I have ever had. As a master of portraits she has developed my own skills in this area. To have a bit of her expertise rub off on me has given me the confidence in painting my own portraits.’
Elizabeth A.Smith

Learning to mix the correct hue, value, and saturation that a painting needs is a critical tool. Find out more.

Student Review

‘Cathy van Ee is a fabulous artist and a wonderful teacher. She teaches both oil and pastel painting and excels in both art forms. I have been learning oil painting from Cathy for a couple of years now and have been so impressed with her inclusiveness and the way she shares her knowledge so willingly. She is always so generous with her time and has an amazing eye for detail. It is this eye for detail that makes the difference between a good portrait and a great portrait or a good landscape and a great landscape. Cathy’s advice is always much appreciated and her expertise greatly valued. I couldn’t recommend Cathy more highly’
Gillian Adams

Learn how to paint extraordinary pastel Landscapes from ordinary photos. Find out more.

Student Reviews

‘Cathy van Ee is a highly professional teacher who is generous with her knowledge and time. Cathy teaches many secrets and tools for creating a professional painting including composition, importance of tone & colour, and mark making all needed to make an interesting painting which a beginner can achieve very quickly.
Kate Carrillo

‘I felt I had plateaued in my art after ten years; your fresh approach to teaching had given me back my inspiration.
Joy Pyle

Library Bundle

Enjoy the entire painting series in this value packed bundle offer. Find out more.

In this inspiring Library collection of eBooks and videos you will gain confidence in your painting ability as you watch and learn how to construct a painting from beginning to final stroke in each of the easy to follow demonstration eBooks on how to paint beautiful landscapes and portraits in pastel and oil mediums. Included is ‘The Intuitive Artist’, an inspirational read on how to overcome the inner critic that raises it’s ugly head in the middle of every painting and move past those doubting thoughts, to finish paintings with success.
The 7 beautifully crafted eBooks
come as PDF downloads to keep permanently on your computer, as well as 7 interactive Flipbooks that are 3 dimensional, fun and easy to use. You will have easy access to 29 art videos that you can watch again and again. Join Cathy van Ee as she imparts the best of her 30+ years of painting and teaching experience. New eBooks and videos will be added to the Bundle. 
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Pastel Landscape Painting Classes on Zoom

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These classes are accessible from anywhere in the world. In these 3.5 hour classes you receive a full landscape demonstration in every session. The camera is set in close behind Cathy’s hand so you can watch the whole process in detail while having your questions answered in person. Included are student critiques, tutorial and class discussion. Receive Cathy’s guidance to become a professional artist in your own home studio. All delivered with her inspiring enthusiasm and encouragement.

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Student Zoom Reviews

 ‘This is one of the best and most inspiring art classes I have attended. Cathy is a very positive and encouraging tutor who puts a lot of work into helping students develop their own art.’ 
Sheila McLean

 Cathy’s Zoom classes are terrific. We learn from not only what she teaches us in her discussion of painting, but also from her slides, her critiques of our work, her live, detailed demonstrations of pastel painting and from the contributions of the other members of the class. All this and more from the comfort of your own home. Cathy’s Zoom classes are well worth it! 
Christine Denny