Join me in the joy of painting

Painting for me is a never-ending sense of wonder and has also allowed me to connect and gain insight with people all around the world. It has taught me to see the beauty in the world around me and to inspire others to see the best in themselves to capture the beauty in their lives. Creating also allows an opportunity of being in touch with my true inner self. By paying attention to how I think and feel, I have found the porthole to an inner peace, strength, and a feeling joy that continues to grow.
My book and classes increase mental agility as well as the technical ability to give you the skills to realize your own masterful creating.

The Intuitive Artist eBook + 25 Videos

This beautifully crafted 120 page Flipbook is a moving experience on how to overcome fear and create joy in our lives. Visually accompanied with more than 50 of Cathy van Ee’s original artworks and access to 25 BONUS short inspiring videos that compliment the book.
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Cathy imparts her knowledge sharing 30 years of painting experience with warm and generous instruction. She teaches you how to create consciously to find your own voice and identity with confidence. The advantage of on line learning allows you to receive Cathy’s guidance to become a professional artist in your own home studio. Delivered with her inspiring enthusiasm and encouragement.