When we find who we are through our creativity painting becomes pure magic.

Our imagination opens to all possibilities.

The Library consists of Cathy’s first eBook ‘The Intuitive Artist’ and her ‘How to Painting Books’ on Landscapes in pastel and Portraits in oil and pastel. ‘The Intuitive Artist’ is an insightful look into why the inner critic blocks us creatively, and how to overcome it. This informative eBook will help artists learn how to free their imagination from the inner critic’s debilitating grip and face the canvas with confidence. Learning that it is never too late to start fulfilling your creative dreams. ‘The Intuitive Artist’ is accompanied by a growing number of titles for the lovers of pastel and oil painting on Landscapes and Portraits. These beautifully crafted publications are a life giving source to regaining and growing your artistic practice. The instructional painting Flipbooks and Videos will guide you skillfully through step-by-step detailed painting demonstrations showing you how to inventively interpret photos into creative works of art.  Whether you are a beginner or a more seasoned Artist you will benefit greatly from the knowledge you will gain through the ‘12 steps’ Cathy gives that that are essential in every painting.  

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Reviews for ‘The Intuitive Artist’

“Thank you so much. I am so excited and thrilled with the content. The ability to “play” with the pages is fun, and reading your amazing text is very uplifting.”
Kay Victoria, Australia

“Your book is excellent. Almost two books in one. The presentation is unique and so well done. I felt the text came from the depths of your being and I loved the way you connected it with your collection of beautiful paintings which is like a second book.”
Marlene Frances

“Loved your book Cathy – The images and videos are beautiful to watch and there are so many great tips which have really helped me to just let go and enjoy the creative process. Thank you.”
Tina Whiteley

Cathy runs zoom online classes she is also open to bookings for demonstrations & workshops in australia & internationally

Cathy shares her extensive painting experience with warm and generous instruction. She teaches you how to create consciously to find your own voice and identity with confidence. In Cathy’s online classes you receive guidance to become a professional artist in your own home studio. Delivered with her inspiring enthusiasm and encouragement.